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  • Mediation

    Mediation is a voluntary process that allows separating couples to explore outstanding issues
  • Confidential

    All discussions are held in a relaxed environment and either party is free to leave at any time
  • Cost Effective

    Mediation can be a less expensive way to resolve your family disputes
  • Impartial Third Party

    Both sides will have a confidential meeting with an impartial third party
  • Minimise Ill Feeling

    Mediation is less pressured than court proceedings and can minimise ill feeling
  • Cohabitation and Prenuptial Agreements

    Some couples use mediation before entering into pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreements.
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What is mediation?

Why Mediaton SML

Mediation is a voluntary process which enables couples to explore outstanding issues.

Most commonly these issues involve the financial implications of a relationship background or the future arrangements for the children (or both, which is known as All Issues Mediation, or AIM).

These issues may arise as a result of their relationship ending. However, mediation can also help couples wishing to enter into cohabitation or prenuptial agreements at the beginning of their relationship or families who are facing a dispute following the death of a loved one.

The process involves both sides meeting with an impartial and specifically trained third party, who can help them to come to an agreement and to draw up a Memorandum of Understanding that is fair and acceptable to all concerned, without the need for court intervention. Any agreement reached is not legally binding without both parties deciding jointly to apply to the court for the arrangements to be ratified or formalising it in some other way. The discussions are strictly confidential and either person is free to leave the mediation process at any point.

Why should you choose Reading Family Mediation?

All our mediators are experienced in helping people settle disputes.  As specialist family lawyers, we deal with complex financial matters on a daily basis. We have the necessary experience to understand and explain financial scenarios.

We regularly work with other professionals such as accountants, surveyors and actuaries whose services can also be called upon should it become necessary to obtain expert input within the mediation process.

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Self referral

Once you have made contact with one of our mediators, you can download a referral form here to complete and send to the mediator. 

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Solicitor's referral form

If you are a solicitor referring a client to Reading Family Mediation, please download and use this form to send to the mediator you have spoken to.

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