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Why should I choose Reading Family Mediation?

All our mediators are experienced in helping people settle disputes. As specialist family lawyers, we deal with complex financial matters on a daily basis and have the necessary experience to understand and explain financial scenarios. We regularly work with other professionals such as accountants, surveyors and actuaries whose services can also be called upon should it become necessary to obtain expert input within the mediation process.

As well as being experts in the law in this area, we have first-hand knowledge of the types of order the court will make/approve. This means we can offer you appropriate guidance during your discussions and ensure that all aspects of a settlement are discussed and addressed, making it easier for your lawyers to formalise the terms.

We are joined by a former children’s guardian and social worker who has expertise in helping parents to work out how to provide for their children following separation. She can also help with challenging emotional issues which can arise for any family members during a transitional time.

All of our mediators have trained with one of the leading mediation bodies and are fully insured, supervised and supported.

Self referral

Once you have made contact with one of our mediators, you can download a referral form here to complete and send to the mediator. 

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Solicitor's referral form

If you are a solicitor referring a client to Reading Family Mediation, please download and use this form to send to the mediator you have spoken to.

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