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How does it work?

Mediation involves a series of joint meetings between you and your ex/partner and the mediator. There will be an opportunity to discuss with you both the issues you wish to resolve and to explore solutions that could be put in place.

Before the first joint meeting, you will each meet with a mediator alone for a brief meeting to make sure that mediation is safe and is the right process for each of you. You will each be asked to provide some preliminary information about yourselves and your children and other details before coming along to the first meeting.

We can offer either sole or co-mediation and we will help you to identify which process will be the most helpful for you.

Either before or at the first meeting, you will be given an Agreement to Mediate which you will each be asked to sign.

All the information you give to the mediator will be shared. Generally, there is no contact between you and the mediator outside of the meetings themselves.

If you want to talk about financial matters then you will each have to provide information about your financial and other circumstances before negotiations can begin. It will be for the two of you to agree on the extent of the information you require the other to provide and this will be discussed with you at the first joint meeting.

As your mediator is an impartial party to these discussions you are encouraged to seek independent legal advice from time to time.

If you are able to agree on matters then we will prepare a summary of this for you to pass to your respective lawyers.

All the discussions and negotiations in the mediation process are confidential, save for in extreme circumstances. However, the financial information which is provided can be used outside of the process.

Self referral

Once you have made contact with one of our mediators, you can download a referral form here to complete and send to the mediator. 

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Solicitor's referral form

If you are a solicitor referring a client to Reading Family Mediation, please download and use this form to send to the mediator you have spoken to.

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