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Do I have to be getting divorced?

You do not have to be getting divorced for mediation to be appropriate for you. It may be that you are separating from your partner, but are not yet divorcing, or that you have never been married.

Alternatively, you might already be divorced and have new issues to discuss, for example in relation to arrangements for children or perhaps for variation of maintenance.

Mediation can also be a good way to explore the terms of a cohabitation or pre marital agreement as it is not confrontational.

We can also mediate in relation to a claim against someone’s estate following death.

There are lots of situations when mediation can provide a more dignified, hands on and less confrontational setting to resolve an issue or dispute.

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Once you have made contact with one of our mediators, you can download a referral form here to complete and send to the mediator. 

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If you are a solicitor referring a client to Reading Family Mediation, please download and use this form to send to the mediator you have spoken to.

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